US Focbox? Where?

As stated need a US Focbox, anybody know where I can get one delivered in the next few days?

derp…sorry about that, best of luck finding it.

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I have 3 extra but there xt90 and 4.5 bullet connectors I have a stock pile of focbox


@Scoo_B_SK8 might be able to hook it up he got me some shipped out on a Monday and they arrived on Wednesday

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I think @hyperIon1 has some

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Did a canbus issue mess up one of the ones you have?

Yes I do. And can have in most places in the states 2-3 days. Just let me know.

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I could borrow you one

Yours show as pre-order @hyperIon1 ?

@deckoz if you need one fast and they are on backorder, i can ship you out two tomorrow, and just replace them whenever ypu can.

They are not. We just haven’t updated the site. Its available. You can order now.

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Thank you everyone who offered to lend a focbox. - I just do not have the time to baby sit enertion stock or vendor sites. I did however check and most were all out of stock or pre-order. Thankfully I only needed one. I was going to give up one of my focboxes for the potato for a repair/rebuild on a friend’s board. But @Eboosted just got to the states with the Spud enclosures so wanted to replace it quickly to finish that build.

@Acido thanks for mentioning hyper-ion

@hyperIon1 #1022 thank you sir.

@treenutter or @Namasaki splease close