[US] For sale compete build

Located in Cleveland Ohio. Just kind of getting out of the hobby. The build has maybe 10 miles on it. Muirskate deck. Customer 10s3p battery. With chargers. TB 6374 single build. All brand new stiff bushings for the trucks. Enertion pulley kit. Enertion vescx, Enertion nano x remote. 90mm abec wheels. Im 225lbs this thing move and I have a tuned down. Awesome range hasn’t been charged yet but should be about 15 miles at least. Just getting out of the hobby looking for $750 tons of extra parts too

Pictures help a lot when trying to sell things.


how much for the vesc?

Sorry. Yes pics to come this afternoon gotta get out to the garage.

Which one trying to sell whole build. Spare vesc idk $75?

that is a good ass offer lol

unfortunately i’ve no money, was gonna ask what you would trade for, but saw you’re leaving the hobby


wish i could take this off your hands man

Not that low I want it gone but don’t need the money bad enough to give the thing away

Yeah I just had 300 extra dollars to spend on leisure so was just wondering how badly you wanted it moved

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If it’s being parted out, I’d be interested in the enclosure and battery.

Yeah all these

parts are like Gold, the trucks the remote and the condition are great too.

So you have a vescx for $75? If so id like to take it😁

how much for just the battery?

Do you know the name of the deck? I would potentially be interested, Go Cavs!

Just bought it bro… sorry

Not sure if ready to parts out yet

Jet potato 36in

Whoops jet potato 36in

Not sure if I want to parts it out what’s your offer