[US] For sale compete build

can I get a pic of the battery first?

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I could get you one it’s kind of a paint to unscrew a dozen Allen key bolts especially in the cold .

eh than don’t worry about it, i’ve got another guy :wink:

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Here an old pic of it https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/first-build-jet-potato-36-polar-6374-190kv-25r-10s3p-90mm-flywheels/17669

Hey man is it still available if so how much

Still available?

Still available will accept a good offer

Are you still not willing to part? I’m kinda interested in the motor?

No thanks chars

Bump. Still for sale getting ready to move

Where did the battery come from?

Polar boards did a group buy

Who manufactured it?

I’m not sure but they are Panasonic 18650s