[US] FOR SALE: TB Based Build” as the title

I’m selling my build to fund a couple of projects. Everything has been ridden for about 50-75 miles. The projected top speed is 25-30mph and the projected range is about 20-30miles.(Those answers are straight from TB) Here is what I have.

TB Pro1 Kit (this is what comes in the kit) -TB Vesc

  • TB 6355 190kv Motor -TB Upgraded 12s4p 30q Battery
  • TB Inwards Facing Mount -Clear Blue Flywheel Clones (83mm) -16/36 gear ratio
  • 12mm Belt -180mm TB v2 Trucks -TB 12s4p Battery Enclosure

These are all on a Jet Potato 35.5 Deck

I also have 3x 4s 5500mah Lipos for sale if anyone wants them (contact me separately)

I would like to get around $750 for it. If multiple people want parts from it then I will end up selling the parts.

image image image image image image image


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How much for just the power train (battery/ESC/motor/pulleys/belts) Without the deck/remote/enclosure/mounts/trucks/wheels? Maybe $200ish

You can keep it as a push board with a cargo hold

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Let me check the prices one sec

pm’d the prices

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If I don’t get an offer for everything in about a week then I will definitely pm you

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Sounds good to me, thanks man!

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You might have better luck with “[US] FOR SALE: TB Based Build” as the title.

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One 6355 motor is capable of 30mph? lol, i don’t think so bud.

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It definitely is.


Ask the TB guys it’s straight from them and that was there answers

I bet @torqueboards can vouch for me xD

I can vouch for you because I’ve personally done it. I’ve never run single accept for when one of my TB 6355’s shit out on me on my way home. I just unlpugged it and went on my way. Granted it takes twice as long to get to that speed and the brakes suck. :wink:


Thanks @SeanHacker ! It means a lot. Still hoping someone will buy it though so that I can fund my next build…

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