[US] FS: MBS Comp95 Complete Build 12s4p, Matrix 2, Flipsky, Trampa Hubs w/6" Pneumatics

This is one of my favorite boards and is by far one of the easiest to ride with its low center of gravity and wide wheel base. I bought the deck used a while back, everything else was new and built in house.

Road Runner Electric Mountainboard - ~500 miles (200-250 on the current tires as I was running 8" MBS knobbys for a while) 35mph (on current tune) 20–30-mile range Lightweight (26lbs)

I built this specifically for the street/sidewalk but easily has the power to traverse just about anything –0-30 in a matter of seconds, climb 60+ degree hills with ease and stop on a dime, the perfect urban explorer board!

The controller is tuned for intelligent braking (can stop and reverse on inclines) and can go in reverse at a slow speed by holding the brake back.


MBS Comp 95 Deck (Yellow with Birds) MBS Matrix 2 Trucks w/metal baseplates Trampa Superstar Hubs w/Red (outside) and Blue (inside) CNC Spokes 6.3” (160mm) TorqueBoards Pneumatic Tires Trampa V-Lock Bindings ATC CNC’d Adj Motor Mounts KALY Bottom Mount Battery/Esc enclosure 12s4p Flex battery w/Samsung 30Q cells (50.4v, 80A cont, 12,000mAh) (estimating 50-75 cycles) Charge only BMS (discharge is bypassed)) Flipsky 4.2+ VESC w/integrated anti-spark Flipsky VX1 Remote w/battery monitor Flipsky BT – can connect to Apple for monitoring and android to adjust the tune with the VESCTool Dual Battle hardened Flipsky 6355 motors (brushless, hall sensors) 3.25:1 belt drive (65t hub gear/20t motor gear) Dual LED headlights and single LED taillight (3d printed mounts) with multiple light setting modes.

Will come with 2A charger for the board and an USB android charger for the lights and remote.

Asking $1,800 for the setup – pick up in/around Tampa, FL is preferable, or I can ship on your dime.

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This is noice. Looking for something just like this with different battery and vesc. Nice build man and GLWS


I have all of your battery needs… :joy:

Are those current photos? It looks like it’s never been ridden.

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You’re the guy I’m coming to for my next battery, hand down.

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You better buy it Brian…

Free hoodie with battery or custom board build for the holidays :wink:

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Yes, took them to sell it.

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You took really good care of your board. Mine is all dusty.

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Sold, please close! :slight_smile: