[US, GA] WTS: Trampa MTB w/ FatBoy GearDrive (will ship)

Trampa electric mountainboard build with FatBoy SS gear drive. Used condition but performs flawlessly. I am the second owner. I love riding it but I am looking for a Summerboard to closer replicate snowboarding feel.

Current setup can handle 12s but it is equipped with 4 sets of 10s2p lithium ion packs with 5.2A each for a total of 20.8A, each pack can be can be charged individually. With the 36 volt setup the VESC 6 stays cool and will last longer. The motors are 134KV 63mm with tons of torque coming out of the FatBoy geardrive. Top speed is 26mph and this thing absolutely hammers off road and on the road. Overall cost was over $3,000 to complete.

•Trampa eMTB

•FatBoy gear drive (no more broken belts!)

•Trampa Infinity Trucks

•Trampa Bindings with heel straps

•Trampa SuperStar hubs

•4 chargers with fans for charging at 8A allowing you to get a full charge in 2.25 hours

•Maytech remote (fast & slow mode, forward only)

Asking $1,700 OBO + shipping


I will be traveling from Georgia to Colorado soon and can transport the board to someone if they don’t want to pay shipping. Also, I’m not an unreasonable guy, make an offer!

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PRICE DROP: $1,550 OBO and last call for any CO folks that want to do a meet up instead of paying shipping!

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I’m in Greeley where you going

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Vail area. I am already several hours on the road however and I didn’t bring the board. Lol

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Right on. Well safe travels :call_me_hand:

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Bump on up. I’m back from my trip and ready to ship this board to a new owner! Make an offer, I want to move this bad boy!

1000 i will buy it as soon as you wish.

Board is sold to @Smokeytrail33! Thanks!


Glad it sold, nice board.

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Damn 10 char