[US] Hummie deck, 12s4p, motors, and lots of stuff

Hi guys, selling a bunch of parts from Florida, some are new and some are slightly used. PM for offers. Carbon Hummie deck, installed 9 inserts for 10 drilled holes, lost an insert haha, but otherwise unused. Installed a clear grip tape. $90

Brand new 12s4p samsung 30q custom flexible battery pack for Hummie deck made by MHBoards with standard charge only BMS, will include a 4A charger using 5.5x2.1 charge port $350

Abec 107mm Superfly wheels with 12mm 40t dickyho pulley and bones big balls bearings, ran for about a mile, in very good condition $120

Pair of Flipsky 6374 190kv updated version motors. Ran for a mile, got scratched by a rock but works perfectly. Comes with 15T pulley. $130

2x TB 36T Abec Drive 12mm $40

Boardnamics 184mm Precision Hangers, filed the ends to make wheel fit $55

Pair of long version dickyho caliber motor mounts with crossbar and idler pulley $40

Pair of short version dickyho caliber motor mounts $30

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Hi, I’m interested in the motors if they are available

sold, sorry

Interested in the short motor mounts, are they still available?

100 for the motors shipped nyc


Mar 2

sold, sorry

Do you still have the motor mounts?

pm’ed thanks!

Can you update/remove what is sold?

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I really need to get my board going do u want to sell battery