[US] Interest in 8S 9S 10S BMS & Charger kit?

Hey guys I noticed there are few easily available BMS options for 9S, mostly 8S,10S. The options that are available are bulky. There is 1 I’ve found quite nice, though you have to bypass discharge. It’s rated at 5A/20A ,eswitch, voltmeter output. I’m currently chatting with the manufacturer about ordering a few for myself at those specs and possibly an upgraded version that can handle high discharge. Now about the kit, I’ve also noticed people have issues finding charger for 9S BMS, I can provide the charger , a matching port for the BMS, a metal push button switch and voltmeter. The switch and voltmeter would have a 4 pin jst connection for easy mounting and connecting. The charge port can also have leads soldered on if you like. Also I can make any wiring harness you might need, 3x3s=9S, 2x4s=8s,5x2s=10S or whatever lipo you have that you wanna combine so it will just be plug n’ play to the bms

Now in terms of cost, that I don’t have figures for yet, but everything will be transparent, everything will be at cost + $20 for my time, extra materials. The BMS is basically the size of 3 18650 cells.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you bypass the BMS for discharge, the integrated e-switch will not work for powering on the board. If the BMS is only used the charging, wouldn’t the e-switch would just turn on/off the charging port?

That is Correct

Yeah that’s correct, I’m also using a loopkey, forgot to mention that lol. The eswitch controls the voltmeter and charge port only, if discharge bypassed. I’m waiting to hear back what’s the highest discharge they can fit in the same package.

I would still use a loopkey even if not bypassing discharge. Fuse the loopkey.

Alright so heard back, unfortunately increasing discharge isn’t feasible so this will be for bypassed discharge ONLY. Considering that, I went the other way to try to save cost, so the BMS will have 5A charge and only 5A discharge since it will not be used. I will be getting atleast 5 units each of 8S,9S,10S, all identical other than supported cell count. My cost for each BMS including shipping to me comes out to $20 I think that’s pretty good so that’s why I’m stocking up for myself. I’m trying to get some bulk pricing on the other stuff , I’ll update when I have it.

Be careful saying the discharge won’t be used. I am fairly certain a lot of folks might want the discharge to be used for headlights and bling lights and they can turn it on/off independently of the loop key drivetrain

If they used it for discharge the bms would more than likely shut off at 5a, unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying

Lol whatever you wanna do with the 5A is fine I just want to be clear it can’t be used for discharge to the vesc. Though I’m not advising this kind of use since I don’t know how it will behave nor do I plan on testing it. For instance I don’t know what will happen when regen current is sent back to the battery and you have something running off the discharge on the BMS

@b264 for $10 more it can have 20A discharge

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I’m waiting on pricing for 4A chargers for 8-10S, and 20 of the switches

Definitely not ready to buy anything yet but would you be willing to offer international shipping? Specifically to Australia. Don’t care about any other countries :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care where it goes, the cost is all on you :wink:

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I wouldn’t need over 5A discharge (non-drivetrain) … not sure if someone else would. That’d power a few lights and/or a couple USB ports. I’d be interested in what would happen if it was exceeded, would it shut down safely or fail destructively? I can picture having USB ports connected to lights would be super-useful as you wouldn’t need to detach and charge the lights every day, only the board. If it had 20A, I’d happily pay the $10 difference but I don’t necessarily need it… I’m agnostic but leaning towards bigger-is-always-better

Would that charger-port cap stay tucked-in or would it start falling out and flopping around after 30 uses?

I honestly have no idea what the behavior will be in that use scenario, it might work, it might not. I haven’t had to use the charging port that many times, but it’s quite a snug fit and requires a bit of force to get in the port, I haven’t experienced it dislodging yet.

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Awesome! You’d be amazed how many people will only ship within the US for no real reason.

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At a larger scale it might be a hassle, but for a few pieces I don’t foresee an issue

Man this is why I try to avoid doing these kind of things…have a laugh at this :weary: This starts with me following up a week after confirming all the details…

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