[US-Iowa] [Parts] Boosted V1 D+ Part Out [SOLD]

Everything but the Vanguard is going. Open to money or trades. Looking at enclosures, 10S2P 30Q pack, or other general parts. Battery is shot. Took it apart after the treadmill treatment didn’t work and the pack is at 7.8v. I was momentarily able to connect it to the app and the odometer says 128.4 miles. But since the board wasn’t able to legitimately turn on I can’t say if the ESC is functional or not. If your ESC or motors don’t work here’s a chance to try your luck. Any other questions or pic requests ask away. Pics: 05 23 32 48 06 35 44 55 54 29 38 57 20 51 14 2241 Everything GONE mods pls shut down this thread

Someone just posted in the last few days that they’re remote and charger was stolen from their car and that are looking to replace both. Ill see if i can remember who

It was @blacksideblue, but he needs stuff for a v2+

at ISU, I honestly didn’t think anyone was on the form from my college

Go cyclones! I was the guy riding around campus on the prototype banshee. I heard about your board fire. Sad to hear that it went the way it did.

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It’s amazing how many people know about that

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I am in the process of building a couple including a MBS MTB

Do you know what’s actually wrong with the battery?

Could I take the loaded board off you?

Not a damn clue. If I were to guess it’d be low voltage.


How much do you for the whole lot?

What you thinking of?