(US) New Focbox Unity, TB Vesc

Have a brand new in box batch 1 focbox unity. Was going to use it for my second build but could use the money for other things currently. Selling for $310 Shipped.

Also Have a used TB vesc for $60 shipped.


Man…I would love both! I will purchase right now if you throw in that single VESC… pls

I’m interested in the TB vesc. Are you sure it still works?

@Paulycnotes I’d like to stick with the listed prices, thanks though!

@Jreamer yes it should work fine I used it for a short while.

I think the issue with the torqueboards vesc is there’s not much of a description on what firmware is being used or what model vesc it is? Torqueboards doesn’t even consider their controllers as VESC’S until they are opened up and read about… not sure if it has Bluetooth capabilities to work with the new VESC App? How much just for the unity? Also, is it still in the box? Sealed?

@Paulycnotes The Unity is brand new in box. I haven’t even taken it out of the box. It’s $310 shipped.

The TB vesc does not have bluetooth integrated. You would need a Bluetooth module for that feature. And I believe they are a based on the vesc 4.12 hardware. There are many companies offering these vesc based controllers.

Still have unity?

Currently both still available

Do you trade?