US: New Samsung 30q cells & battery sled for sale

I’ve got 36 brand new Samsung 30q cells for sale that I’m not going to be using anytime soon and have been collecting dust. They are authentic cells purchased from imrbatteries through @thisguyhere’s group buy back in Nov, '17, and have been sitting in a box in my insulated garage since then. All of the cells are at 3.41-3.42v each, (got them at about 3.55v/cell), have zero cycles, and never been used for anything more than mocking up in an enclosure.

I also have a 10s4p battery sled made by @pjotr47 back in the day, that I’d be willing to part with, along with 4 more new 30q cells that I was going to keep, if someone is interested in the package deal with the battery sled and 40 cells. The sled is made with continuous 12awg wire, soldered to each cell tab, has some ability to flex and follow a curved deck shape, and looks pretty well made, imo. My original plan was to use this in my @Hummie deck, but the cutout is 5.5" wide, and the sled is about 6" wide, so it’s a no go without some routing and I just don’t have the tools or time to take on that project with all the other unfinished business on my workbench.

36x 30q cells = $150 shipped

Battery sled only = $50 shipped

Battery sled + 40x 30q cells = $200 shipped

All prices are OBO, and shipped prices are to the US lower 48 states.

Thanks for looking.

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Would you sell the deck and the batteries? :wink:

How much does a few years in storage affect the capacity or resistance? Thinking about a 12s4p if anyone else has 30Qs

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You mean the battery sled and all 40 cells? Then yes, that was my option 3.

“Battery sled + 40x 30q cells = $200 shipped”

And technically, they are only 15-16 months old :wink:, at least since I’ve gotten them. That’s only about 0.1v drop per month. I don’t think their would be any notable decrease in capacity, since they were stored at partial charge at 50-70°F for the most part, but I’m no expert. I can measure the internal resistance if you’d like, or hook up a cell to my hobby charger and run a charge & discharge cycle to measure capacity.

Nah man I want the Hummie deck and the cells…they should live up to their intended purpose

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Pmed 10 char

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Oh the Hummie deck is definitely going to live up to its purpose. I’m just not gonna route it out and possibly screw it up. It’s getting a TB 12s4p that actually fits to go along with the Carvon SDXL, Surf Rodz, and combo of 107 drive wheels and six shooter front wheels to start. It’s gonna be interesting. Top mount in the rear to fit the XL’s and 107s, and drop through in front with six shooters just cause I can, and for a level deck height.


Oh boy that is a long time ago that I have sold you that 10s4p battery sled :hushed:

It was back in the days that I don’t build batterypacks


Hi @Mobutusan this Battery sled include a BMS or how I can charge?