[US/NYC] 10S4P, Evolve Trucks, motors, Evolve AT kit

Hello, I started this build about 3-4 months ago but i fell off my boosted in the winter when i got caught in an expansion joint and fractured my arm. I don’t have full range of movement in my arm still and as much as i like riding, I think i’m going to give it up for a while, or at least feel it out. All these parts are close to new, the battery pack has literally 1 charge and i’ve briefly setup the the FOCBoxes to ensure that they work,

Evolve front and rear trucks with motor mounts $100

Evolve AT kit $150

Racerstar 140kv, wired for FOCBoxes 40 ea

Enertion nano X: $50

FOCBOX $100/ea, I have 2 of them

ChiBoards 10s4p 25r with on/off switch, BMS, vedder anti-spark, battery gauge and charger $350

Misc. stuff. Psychotiller signature enclosure Arbor Dropcruiser 39” deck, the back of it is shaved for motor clearance and there’s a bunch of holes drilled into it for the enclosure, if you take all of it, i’ll throw this in for free, i’ll have no use for it anymore.

I’d prefer not to ship, especially the battery.


Ill take the focboxes and AT wheels if you want to ship :slight_smile: I live in NC

Where are you located? How much for the whole lot? (not sure if you’re willing to ship the battery to Oregon)

Interested in the chiboards battery if its the flexible kind. I hit you up on Facebook too.

Interested in buying this whole setup straight up. In NYC also, let me know your price.

I’m near NYC, Ill take the AT kit off your hands

i think the battery is my biggest hangup in shipping, that and NYC post offices are horrible and crowded.

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Interested in the at kit, trucks, and mounts.

sent you a PM, let me know.

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If the guy backs out I’m willing to give $200 cash for both Focboxes.

if you do change your mind about shipping i’d be interested in the Trucks, AT Setup, FOCBOXs, and Nano X

located in Los Angeles, CA

How Much for the build? or is it already parted out?

Sale pending for the whole package.

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I’ll buy everything if u still have it

thanks everyone, sold it all :slight_smile:

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