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US or Canada Import duties for Enertion parts

Does any one in the US or in Canada know how much is the import duties for Enertion products for either countries?
Was there any issue importing SPACE Cell?

Look up your countries customs website.
Normally it will say on there

I didn’t have any issue getting my space cell and I live in the US.

When I ordered my original 6S 10Ah Enertion kit though the battery was delayed in Hong Kong due to a bird smuggling crack-down, but it was only held up a couple of weeks or so. That was in September of last year i believe.

Ya, my space cell came really quickly to the U.S. Like @longhairedboy said.

The only thing to worry about is shipping costs from australia, lol ($20-45 depending on what you are buying).

All that said, if you order over 300aud (a little over $200) you get free shipping, so it’s really not that bad.

Thank you @onloop Hope you are having a nice holidays.
Thank you @longhairedboy and @cmatson!
Did you guys in the US pay any duties?

I believe there is a small tax, but I can’t specifically remember. If there was, it wasn’t anything substantial.

I don’t recall paying anything. But it may have slipped by me.

I live in the US, and I’ve bought things from overseas many times. I’ve never had to pay anything extra from the shipping cost.

Thanks @cmatson, @longhairedboy, @claudiofiore88.
Shipping cost won’t be an issue as I will qualify for free shipping.

different countries different rules .

bought space cell july 2015 for $415 (then)

courier called me to informed me of “air~way care tax” . since its a dangerous product , extra care is needed . paid $136 “care tax”

over $500 plus . but its all worth it ; )

I’m in the US and was just charged $83 USD from DHL for import duties on the space cell (I’m assuming, hasn’t arrived yet). Anyone else experience this in US? From earlier posts it looks like there wasn’t an import duty to US.

We don’t pay duty taxes. I ordered parts for my motorcycle from Italy. No taxes.

Did not pay any duty for Space cell either. But mine came with FedEx.

Quick update. After 4 calls and 2 emails DHL is refunding the $83.25 I paid in import duties. They had it classified as an excercise machine…

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