(US) pulleys, motor mounts, balance charger for sale

The 50xx might have been a new addition since you ordered?

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NVM I found my eBay order. They are 63xx mounts. @Skunk

Updated the post to reflect the info.

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My buddy @moone is fighting his tb mounts.
But unsure if these will clear the drop on his evo.

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Yeah these are pretty thick :smirk:

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$35 shipped for the balance charger and power supply

SOLD @Boardnamics mounts

$25 shipped for both abec 12mm 36t pulley

$12 shipped for 15mm 36t kegel pulley

Payment has been sent for Boardnamics motor mounts

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Got it. I’l ship it out tomorrow!

Thankyou very much!

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All purchases this far have been shiped! Check PM’s for tracking info @Rod12579 @zimmer1

Things left are

Balance charger with power supply $35 shipped

15mm wide 36t kegel pulley $12 shipped

Both 12mm 36t abec pulley $25 shipped

I am interested in the kegel pulley if it is still available.

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yes it is!

Only things left are

Balance charger with power supply $35 shipped

2x 12mm wide 36t abec pulley $ 25 shipped