[US] Ruroc Inferno L, $156 - SOLD

I ordered this helmet during the sale but after using it once, I decided I do not like it (glasses get in the way). I am currently selling it for $156. I have the inferno goggles, goggles bag, helmet in a large size, and a helmet bag. Please let me know if any additional pictures are desired.


Great deal. Still in your hands?

I got the Titan and same size including clear and orange lens. Got the orange lens for free because their mount doesn’t hold a gopro without using a socket wrench screwdriver.

Don’t want to part from one of those light lenses? :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

I dunno. Never touched the orange. I’ve used the clear on cloudy days and evenings. Was planning to use the orange for snowboarding.

Since using the tsg pro carbon I haven’t used the ruroc at all.

Maybe, whatcha have in mind?

Ah sorry, didnt change the post. Its sold.