US sale BKB modular pulleys 36t 40t kegel Abec

$30 each plus shipping 40t 2each 36t 4each Kegel adaptors 2each Abec adaptors 4each

I can mix n match Everything is new still in wrap image image

PM sent for 1 set 40t kegel

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So that’s the same price as BKB right? I feel I don’t understand it correctly.

HAHAHAHAHA you weren’t kidding about selling these bro


Gotta move some stuff brother. You know how it is lol

Kegel adapter x2 please!!

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@PatRocks What size pulley!?

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Just interested in the adapters. Is that an option Or did I miss read because I was too excited?

Bump! Still have three set of them 2 36t one 40t

HMU $30 a pulley. New

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Still available?