[US - SD, CA] Part Out! (Enertion Focbox, 6355 190 kV motor, Evolve Abec 11 107mm, and more...)

It is secured by key! No loctite

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Sorry guys, I’m doing it on a first come first serve basis. Some people have PMed me first. Currently, both focboxes are pending. I will be updating the original post as time goes by.

Does everyone get notifications when I edit the first post? Or is it only by new posts? If the latter, I’ll keep it updated by doing both.

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So, give them to @KaramQ.


I thought since we are both in SD, SD boys are always first in line?

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LOLLL I’m sorry man I’m trying to be as fair as I can :joy::sob:

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Are you interested? :joy:

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Yes, it is!

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You’ll get a lot more attention on forum


Thank you, not the same as my ONLYONE BOARD remote

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PM about motor/mounts incoming

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Hey, I am interested in buying ALL the parts. :slight_smile: Based in SF, CA. could either meet somewhere in CA or pay for shipping.

Motors! PM sent!

Also, put me in line for the focboxes, lol

80 bucks for the F1s to illinois shipped?

As of right now, focboxes and kegel pulleys are sold. Some are pending. Continue to check the original post as I will be updating it frequently!

Let me know if you’d like any of the other available items on the post and we can work something out. PM me if you are interested

Good looks. I’ll probably post on there if some of the remaining items don’t get sold.

can i have wheels?

can you check shipping rates to toronto canada?

Hello everyone! Updated the post and items. Sorry I couldn’t get back to most of the PMs, but if some of you were wondering, I went down the line of people who contacted me first about items. If those people weren’t able to continue with the sale, then I contacted the next person who had dibs on it and there were many.

Thanks again for looking!