US SELLING Enertion raptor 2 part out! $850

Hello community! I’m thinking about parting out a raptor 2. Board is nearly complete Drivetrain sold “No trucks or motors”. Everything else is available Board had been used a total of 27 miles before I took it apart.

EDIT $850 takes everything in the pictures 10s4p Space cell Focboxes All components including deck and enclosure 4a fast charger Nano x All you really need is a drivetrain and you’ll be good to go

Thank you

UPDATE: battery enclosure and focboxes are SOLD!!
Everything else is still available

image image image


How much do you want for the battery or deck?

Battery and deck or just deck or battery?

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Both I guess! Just deck Just battery Or Battery plus deck

Do you need the enclosure?

How much for everything except deck? I’m making my own carbon fiber, customizations experiment, and I like the low profile setup happening here. Won’t need to creat much space inside the deck… very interested…

Hi there. $750 for everything except deck That includes enclosure of course. Plug n play setup

I’m assuming the front trucks + wheels are not included even though they’re in the pictures?

You’re correct. I’ve sold the complete drivetrain witch includes both trucks, motors and wheels. Everything else is still intact The truck and wheels in the posted picture are not included

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How much for just the deck?

I’d like to get 140 for it

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Bump. She is still available guys.

How much for the VESC’s? Single or both of them

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I’d like to sell the as a pair brother.
$235 for both plus $7 shipping shipping

Francisco I would like to have the enclosure, let me know how much you want, please :slight_smile:

@Surfer Sup man. $70 will take everything including gaskets and bolts

Fine, pm plus 10 chars

I’m afraid I can’t do both of them, but I’d definitely take it off your hands if you did one of them.

@butt_stallion Pm me brother. See if we can work something out

30 for the remote