[US] Solder me some XT60 connectors - Get compensated for your time!

I need 2 types of xt60 connectors because I can’t solder them correctly myself, or find them online with reasonable shipping times. I am looking for a single female to 2 male xt60 parallel splitter (also called a dual outlet connector?) and an xt90 antispark switch harness that terminates in xt60 so I can connect it in my system easily.

Honestly I’m so fed up with this right now I’ve wasted almost a full day and a fair bit of money trying to finish my build on the day everything arrived only to realize I can’t solder this well enough. If you can neatly do this you have my eternal gratitude and a crisp bank note in your pocket.

Flux is your friend. Have any pics of your attempts?

Soldering XT-xx connectors can be tricky, especially when you use thick wires and a small soldering iron. I struggled a bit as well, but I found some Youtube videos really helping. It’s not just making solder melt with the soldering iron, there are preparation steps that are really important.

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Not ATM. My phone is malfunctioning and won’t power off. I just can’t seem to get the solder to flow over the contacts well enough because they’re small. 14 gauge wire looks like the best fit but even with that I had trouble. When I can get my a good flow it isn’t very sturdy and I have to be extremely ginger with it. Not a big fan of putting my shoddy connections under something like this.

Just make a parallel splitter soldering the connectors directly without wires. It’s easier and takes up minimal space unless you need the wire extension.

Edit : like this

I watched a few versions of these videos and although they were helpful I can’t manage the same result. It could be my cheap soldering iron or me but it’s just not working and I’m sick of thinking about it.I tried with and without wires.

U should have at least 60w iron (ive heard 80w is recommended) and plenty of surface area for the tip to spread the heat further on the contact.

Coat with solder both connector itself and wire before trying to solder wire on the connector.

After u have coated them, take tweezers or something else and hold the wire in place.

Connector should also be firm and not move around. Vise(?) Or ‘3rd hand’ is recommended here.

While u are at it, place wire inside of connector (if still possible after applying solder) or close by and try to heat both surfaces at the same time. Sometimes u need to heat up the wire, then just press it into the connector or vice versa.

Sometimes solder can be bad… i use 60/40 ratio, i think, and it works ok.

Hope that helps… cant really show with pictures but yea, also check uve got sufficient soldering iron and solder

I’ve tried it time and time again and all I’m doing is wasting solder and my patience. Seriously thanks for the advice, but I can’t get it right on my own.

I’m sure I can do what you need if you can’t seem to get it. I think I have a xt-90 anti-spark left. I have a ton of xt-60’s for sure. Only 10 gauge wire left. Let me know what you need as far as length and layout.

XT60%20Harness%20Diagram This is what I need. Length doesn’t really matter, just as long as it can bend a bit. With these circuit segments I will be able to easily add them to my loop.

I’ll try and get that done in an hour or so. Just walked in the door from work. Shouldn’t be long and I’ll post pics.

Edit- I take that back. I’ll have to do it tomorrow night after work. My fiancé wants me tonight…


For your future soldering, once I got a decent iron most of the stress of soldering was eliminated. I spent a lot of time getting really frustrated when I was using a cheap adjustable soldering iron from amazon. It makes a huge difference. Without it you’ll spend a lot of time trying to get the solder to melt and end up melting the plastic in the xt connector

I had this problem as well before I invested in a 200w iron from eBay . I did come up with a solution tho using Flux and a refillable butane Crack lighter. This works extremely well and i still use this method for big wires because it’s so fast.


I don’t think mine was getting hot enough. I bought the “Pro” model at Lowes but it looks cheap.

@biggdaddyhawk I hadn’t though of that. I have a torch lighter for camping which might have worked well. I think it might melt the plastic pretty quickly though. They burn hot.

Boom chica bow wow :wink:


Hahahaha! Been with her for 10 years. I do what she says now… :wink:


Halfway there. Finished the loop key. Just getting around to the splitter.



Looks great dude! Way better than my shoddy work.

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@SeanHacker Hang on a sec, one of the xt60 connectors needs to be male instead of female, super sorry my diagram wasn’t clear. Am I correct in thinking that m/f refers to the metal contacts and not the shape of the connector?

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Finished the splitter.


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