[US]VESC CAN bus transceiver chip

It’s a long shot, but I’m wondering if anyone in the US has any CAN bus transceiver chips (SN65HVD232DR) as is used in the VESC 4.12 design. As you’ll see in my post , I recently killed an FSESC that disconnected from power during a ride and the regen braking current had nowhere to go.

I checked Mouser and Digi-Key, but they are both sold out and it looks like they won’t be back in stock anywhere in the near future. I only need one, but would love two if possible. Willing to pay for the chips+shipping.

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Searching for this now. Maybe here?:


Or in stock as of 5/2/21 (supposedly) here?:


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@kavic5150 thanks for helping me look around! Do you know if that second one you linked to can be substituted? If so, 5/2/21 is good for me!

On second thought I’m not sure if that second link is the same thing. It came up in the google search results. I’ll keep looking around.

Ebay has that exact serial number but its all in stock in China.

Yeah, I saw that and if I don’t get any good leads on here within the next couple of days, I’m gonna probably buy a few from eBay or AliExpress.

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Dear god, I found some in stock at arrow.com but shipping is like $45.

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Maybe this but it seems to be in the UK.


This one actually looks promising! $10 shipping. I’m going to give that a shot and see what becomes of it. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your help!

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Aw man, it looks like I need a “trade account” that appears to be related to an importer/business. Dunno if it’s possible for me to order from them.

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I wound up ordering a few from AliExpress.

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