[US][WANTED] PAIR of 12T or 13T HTD 5mm pulley

Preferrably for a 15mm Belt, but I’d be willing to go down to 12mm belt.

I’ve got a couple 11t for 15mm belts I’m never going to use. You can have them for shipping cost IMG_9575

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Oh wow, 11 might even be better. What’s your paypal info?

[email protected]

What’s your zip code?

Zip code is 07628

Looks like $6.70

Sending now.

If anyone else has any pulley’s they are looking to get rid of I’ll definitley buy those too, I’m not 100% sure what is going to work best so I’d like to experiment :slight_smile:

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Payment sent, @257 Thank you so much, this community is really awesome!


Received! I’ll send it out today :+1:

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