US Westcoast trip - Meeting eRiders on my way

Hi eRiders,

I’m planning my trip with a friend on the West coast of USA this summer and I’m wondering if along my path, I could meet some of you ! :slight_smile: I’ll land in Los Angeles on 24th July and fly back from Los Angele as well on 15th August.

We plan to do the typical tourist tour :smile: (natural parks, Las Vegas, maybe San Francisco if enough time…).

So if you’re in these areas, that would be amazing to visit some of you ! :+1:

It’s a shame that I couldn’t bring my board because of batteries but anyway, I’ll buy at least a pushed longboard once in L.A. :wink:

Cheers mate,

Clément, froggy traveller

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Hit me when ur coming to Vegas

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If you are on Instagram hit up @socal_legend … he’s the Evolve US Ambassador, he’s in San Diego area…he may have a an extra board for you to try … tellem’ Mike in vegas sent you to demo the Evolves … he’s got all the models

There are pleanty of cool peeps here in the left coast and great places to ride

well hey i’m in LA. I have a couple spare 10s lipos you can rent out if you want to try that. or I have a couple push boards too! you can buy or rent idk…


Thank you so much guys !! :relieved:

I don’t know if I could keep an eBoard all along my trip as we’re travelling only with backpacks. Maybe a push board at least. However, if you have some spare time to have a drink and tell us some advices for visiting the aera It would be so great !! (and for sure, rent an eBoard for sightseeing will be even more amazing :smile: ).