[US] Wheels, VESC, Anti-Spark

I was going to jazz up my DIYEboard while building my true DIY build but i have decided against that for time and money sake. So I have some parts I would like to clear out. Hope to get them out of my basement and out on the street somewhere.

Shipping only in US, preferably east coast

Wheels, Pulley, Belts $45 shipped

IMG_1503 4pcs 83mm*52mm Longboard PU Wheels 78A (2) Drive Wheel Pulley ,35T 5M HTD5 Pulley, 13mm Wide With 2pcs Lipped Bearings used in the Drive wheel pulley (2) Motor Pulley, 13T 5M Pulley (Black, Steel) (4) 250-5M-12mm Width Belts

FlipSky 4.12 Dual $90 Shipped IMG_1502

MBoards Anti Spark $20 Shipped IMG_1501

Dual FlipSky and Anti-Spark $95 if bought together

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Pm’d you…

Pm’d! Char

i don’t need anything, but i want everything!


@humanisticnick Where did you get those press fit pulley?

Kid time right now will respond to PMs later tonight


Anti Spark if no one grab it yet.

that shit will blow within 4 days on a 60a system…

One word, experience

Dont listen to me buy it.

What do you mean by blow?

Not turning off.

Oh the anti spark switch, got it

lowered some prices

Removed the sold items

lowered some prices

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Everything left in the post $125 shipped

Got the flipsky?