[US][WTB] 12S 5A-8A Charger


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AliExpress yzpower charger


I don’t exactly have AliExpress shipping times to wait, thanks though.

You can get fast shipping and you will get it in 3 weeks

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Ideally need a charger within a week.

Ah ok can’t help you there then

Try amazon, or maybe one of the vendors on this forum has one. Amazon is probally your best bet


Here I go being a dick again … can you read?

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Naw, skipped that class

Buy 3 of em?

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The plastic ones are dangerous AFAIK from forum reviews.

I recently got this and Ive been happy so far. Pay $10 for the quicker shipping and you will get it t quicker, I got mine 9 days after order from DHL.



not dangerous, just not reliable. the 10s and 12s ones are crap, the 6s or 8s ones use better components though

I’ve read that the charger melting itself is a very big concern on 12S. Not something I’m willing to risk.

Is this for overnight charging? 1.5amps to small man take hours to charge up

I have a 12S 6A charger new in the box. It’s a YZ power 50.4v 6A charger. I can ship it out today or tomorrow USPS Priority Mail for $75 including shipping. Payment with Paypal goods and services. Let me know.

Just depends on how many mAh you have. A 3000mAh battery will take two hours to charge.

3[A*h] / 1.5 [A] = 2 [h]

I don’t have the patience to wait that long. My batteries are 12000-22000 so not practical for me

Well the other options are linked. I honestly didn’t fully read the title before I posted. At that level, a desktop variable power supply might be worth the investment