[US] WTB Li-Ion 10s bms

I’ve ordered most of my parts for my build and while I’m waiting on half of the remaining things to come in from China, I realized I goofed and forgot to get a bms. So I don’t have a charger or port either, but I don’t see having much trouble with that. I’m struggling to find the appropriate bms. My Samsung 30Q batteries have already come in and they are all generally good. So I’m hoping to stick to my plan of 10s4p li-ion pack. If I can’t really find the correct bms, I could potentially be talked up into 12s4p. Anyway, I’m hoping someone can direct me to something like this.


I don’t even see how I can purchase this on the site, but I do know they have minimum orders of two. That’s troublesome because I really don’t want to shell out for another that I won’t be able to use. I’m pretty set on getting this particular bms because I’ve read good things about it and I know it works. I haven’t researched too much in other bms. So if you present a good argument, again I could be persuaded.

You can get a D140 charge only from BKB (buildkitboard)

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Try to ask @thisguyhere he may have some left

@Winfly That was my current plan, so that’s nice to have that reinforcement. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Tamatoa Okay, I’ll shall. I see on his site he has 10s from the same manufacturer. I’m not sure on the differences between his and the one I’m looking at, but I can do more research on it tomorrow. I’ll do a second summon of @thisguyhere for lols.

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Litechpower.com is where u get their bestech bms s…

Did you get my mounts?

The D223 module you have linked is a great one, but is intended for charge AND discharge. It’s quite large, meaning you’ll need to make space for it inside your enclosure.

The D140 module that bkb and I are carrying are for charge only. Discharge is bypassed.

Each has its own set of pros and cons, it’s really up to you to decide.

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@moon Nope, not yet. I’m sure it’ll be here this week.

@thisguyhere Hmm. I don’t think I really need a discharge though. Let me research that a bit. So your option is basically the same thing just charge only?

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Why not the D190?

What’s the difference? Im using the D140 on my big battery. Is the d190 smaller?

that’s my preference. takes up less space, a bit easier. also, voltage sag, if not configured correctly, can lead to bms cutting out.

@b264, @Battosaii i believe the D190 isn’t available for 12s. but…the D140 is nice and compact, has nearly the same specs as the D140, right? for ease of order, i just stuck to D140.

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Can’t really fit anything much bigger than the d140 in my enclosure.

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I think the D190 is a bit smaller and to me seems better for 10S charge-only. I’ve also tried the little mini BMSs on eBay. I will report if any failures happen.

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I have a brand new 10s Bestech D596 that I can send you for 75 shipped if you are CONUS. This is essentially the top of the line BMS for eboards as it can be used in the discharge circuit and is rated for 80 amps. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

Okay, so I have carefully considered and reviewed everyone’s suggestions and comments. I have decided I do not, in fact, need a bms like I originally opted for. A charge only bms is smaller and sufficient. I also want a ~2A charger, maybe 3 because I rather extend my cell’s life than get super fast charges. Thank you for everyone’s input, it has been very helpful.

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