[US-WTS] [AZ] Selling TB-/cnctrucks, motormounts, and pulleys / metroboard abec 97mm wheels

I am currently attempting to build my first esk8 and I have been put into a tough decision. As of recently, one of the two battery options I was considering has gone out of stock and I am unsure when or if it will be restocked. This being the case I have purchased the other option for my battery pack. Unfortunately, I now have a size issue requiring that my motors be reverse mounted. Nowhere on TB website do they tell you that if you max the motor size on their CNC trucks and mounts you can not reverse mount without the motors being parallel to the ground or they hit the truck base. Now that I’m stuck with this problem I’ve just decided to basically restart. PS- I’m trying to sell these by July 9th, I go out of state until the second, to the third week of Aug -(Buyer will have to pay shipping cost)- -Everything is brand new and I don’t really want to sell as individual parts.

Items for sale (as a whole package): -pair of TB CNC 220mm trucks (red) -pair of TB V6 motor mounts (red) -pair of TB ABEC pulleys (36T) -set of 97mm ABEC wheels from metroboards (red/discontinued) -4x 300mm M5 belts (15mm) -heady shake bearings

$350 + shipping Just message me or email me if this website allows you to.

I can make you a new pack if you want, then you can keep your parts

I am pretty sure TB sells longer motor mounts for reverse mounting… @torqueboards what do you have in stock?

He does actually tell you at the bottom of the page, “Motor Mount Length = 133mm = 5.23 inches (Normal Motor Mount)”

This is the one you want, see how it says reverse mount on it…I know it doesn’t match your color scheme but that’s the catch here

I still suggest you let me make a new pack for you :wink:

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The reverses mount plates are $30 each if you buy just the plates, and they only have black as well. And the page for the V6 mount said(and still does say “This motor mount can be mounted towards the center of the deck and to the rear as well as the left side or right side of the truck.”). This implies a normal or reverses mount style. I even emailed TB before purchase because I was unsure due to the belt size recommendations of the V6 vs the (at the time non V6) reverse mount. They confirmed it was reverse mount capable and I have only discovered the inability as of recently and I have owned the product, but not used the product for several months as I’m building as I have the money.

In regards to the pack, I am building it out of hobby lipo’s as I come from the RC world and I am much more fond of the higher discharge rates as well as the ability to charge at 2-5C. Plus I’ve already purchased everything for the battery pack but my BMS.

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