[US WTS] Everything must go! Selling all parts!


Heya guys, I’ve decided to restart my build…gotta sell everything so I can pay for new stuff, and then buy new stuff. I’m open to trading anything for anything else, items with leading asterisk will be bought/sold if replacement is found. PM me for anything, I’ll keep everything up to date with a status.

Please refer to the news forum for more accurate updates https://forum./t/us-wts-everything-must-go-selling-all-parts/2930

Please see build thread for wanted parts https://forum./t/focstrot-lite-battle-axe-bergs-hexl-6-6-12s3p-6355s/3009/1


prices do NOT include shipping (from Newark, DE 19711), feel free to ask questions about history/condition/dimensions of anything


  • [asking $12] lightly used super light Kryptonics 170mm trucks, 44 or 50 degree


  • [asking $7] lighly used Kryptonics 62mm long board wheels


  • [asking $43] new 35" 10 ply mountain board , 16 degree mounting face and no flex

  • [asking $19] used Blizzart 36" drop through with carved handle, minimal flex

  • [asking $16] lightly used 31" cruiser

  • [asking $8] mountain board deck, flexible

  • [asking $6] used 32" popsicle


  • [asking $37] used DC controller for 10s single motor with remote/power light/battery alarm


  • [asking $11] used DC motor mounted on partial rock truck with belt

  • [asking $7] new DC CIM motor with #25 sprocket and chain


  • [asking $17] 2x ABEC core compatible 36T wheel pulleys with mounting hardware and support bearing
    – pictures coming soon

  • [asking $12] used mechanical brakes for drop deck long boards
    – coming soon

  • [asking $10] 5x new cell holders, holds 4x 18650s each


TB trucks, lights, and button sold! Lots of goodies left! Lots of things I still need!

MBS wheels have a new home!

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Mountian board trucks/wheels are gone! The deck is now for sale

That dickyho drive kit, how much use did the mount get? Any experience with it getting wiggly or loose?

Also, the koowheel set up, have you been able to open up the hubs/take it apart for servicing? Ive had a hard time in the past getting motors open! Any specs on the ESC discharge rate?

That kit has maybe 30 odd miles on it but the mounts are very secure. I have a set of the prototypes for the original shorts that came loose but the new long mounts are very good…that doesn’t even have loctite on it and it stays

I have not been able to service those hubs but I also only gave it 30 seconds…that ESC is rated for 1300W per motor, the motors are about 350W each

I am interested in the batteries. Where were the cells sourced from, just tentative as these cells are often fakes. What is the best price you can offer shipped to 53202?

I know I am new to this forum but I have the same handle on endlesssphere and have completed many transactions there and have perfect feedback buying and selling on eBay: joshuahandrich91.

Thank you, Joshua

The cells had the original Samsung 30Q wrapping when they were salvaged and they have the authentic marking in the exposed cans. It will be $89 for the cells and approximately $30 for shipping (single cells require extra padding and handling, I can’t risk getting in trouble so it costs a bit extra)

I’d be interested for $100 shipped if that was agreeable. If you’d rather wait to see if someone bites at your originally asking price, I understand that too.

Thanks again.

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I would like to get as much as possible for them, I need funds to get a real battery :sweat_smile:

If nobody goes for the batteries in a timely manner then I will get back to you about them

No problem. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly with the information. Just let me know.

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Bipity bopity bump! Everything’s gotta go!

All the battery related items are gone! Grab the other mechanical and electronics parts so I can grab mine!

Any items already paid for have all been shipped! Lots of goodies remain

Now offering 7% off for the dual hub drive train and electronics with enclosure if bought with a deck! Holes are already made to mount the enclosure!

Bump of the day, lots of decks/trucks/wheels/electronics and a complete dual hub drive kit!!

How much for the tires and tubes

Currently on reserve, pending payment already

All items marked [reserved] are have an agreed buyer but may not go through, items marked [interest] are available but may have increased price if the other buyer raises