[US] WTS Evolve GTX w/10s4p 30Q $1200 OBO

For Sale: Evolve GTX, with 18650 battery pack.

Location: Orange, CA

Able to sell to LA, SD, or OC directly. Shipping available otherwise if someone is farther out but interested in buying, though not included in the price.

Is anyone interested in buying a GTX with a custom 18650 battery pack? Has less than 300 miles on it, with the racerstar motors, but no charger (I only have the one that came with my Carbon - the GTX was a hybrid DiY I built with the intent to put the battery in and save money over a new purchase). Has an R2 remote with a red colored cover as well - no pics atm since I am at work; I plan to update the post with it later, if anyone is interested.

Pics added - the black super glue along the housing was placed over the foam in order to ensure that liquids would have a tough time to get into the housing.

Price is negotiable ($1200), since the battery is custom but also because there is no charger. Please note that due to the custom nature of the battery pack, I had to put in 1" foam spacers around the housing (I relocated the BMS to sit on top of the battery - added foam in the routed part of the deck to ensure a snug fit) - this makes the clearance underneath the deck smaller than normal, and while street wheels work still, I prefer to use AT wheels. I can include either 97’s, 107’s, or AT’s in the order though, depending on the sale price. You can buy a spacer for the heatsink to drop, if you prefer to move the BMS to where the ESC is atm and create more clearance.

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What’s the size of the battery (10s4p?) and what cells? Is the rest of the board just GTX parts?

The battery is a 10s4p Samsung 30Q build - the rest of the board, aside from the motors, are GTX stock. I went this route because I personally enjoy the R2 but Evolve just had to hardware lock their remote to their BMS.

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Updated your title to help sell…:grinning:

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Thanks! Hopefully someone would be interested in this one despite the GTR release. I hope that it will appeal to some people who want the power of the GTR but don’t want to pay its price.


Interested in a trade? Pm me please

Still available? Pm me. I am interested