[US - WTS] Tons of new and used stuff - 2 brand new VESC 4.12, VX1 remote, dual belt drive setup, decks, enclosures

I’ve got lots of new (and a few used) stuff for sale. I thought I was going to build a board this summer but ran out of time and have decided to buy a prebuilt. My loss can be your gain. Open to offers, send me a DM or reply to this post. Prices do not include shipping. I can send the purchase receipts if needed for authenticity.

PHOTOS - If you need more or specific angles, let me know.

(SOLD) 2x [$60 each or $110 for both] - VESC 4.12 (flysky). Comes with all original accessories (VESC, encoder cable, USB, manual). These have been plugged in and firmware updated but never used (I cut into the shrink wrap to plug in the USB but other than that, they look as they did when I got them).

(SOLD) 1x [$45] - Flipsky VX1. Used to test the VESCs and shrink wrapped with the included shrink-wrap but otherwise brand new.

1x [$30] - Belt drive binary ESC. Comes with ESC, remote, power switch, battery indicator LEDs. This came off the Paean board and seems to work fine. It’s one of those li ying binary ones like the meepos have.

1x [$150] - Dual belt drive kit. This came off of a used Paean H2B that I purchased. The original owner said that there’s 20-30 miles on it. I have tested it and it runs fine. Comes with truck, 2 900W motors, belts, wheels, pulleys.

1x [$20] - Battery enclosure. Simple plastic enclosure from the Paean board. Fits 10s2p battery.

(SOLD) 1x [$20] - ESC enclosure. Plastic enclosure with metal heatsink. 2 4.12 VESCs will fit inside nicely. Originally designed for the yi ling binary ESC.

1x [$30] - 10s2p Samsung liion pack. It worked to spin up the motors but had a low voltage at full charge and charged to full very quickly. Honestly, I’m not sure if a few of the cells are bad or if there’s some larger problem. Could be an easy fix but I don’t have the expertise or time to figure it out.

1x [$15] - Cheap truck with wheels. Came off the Paean board.

1x [$80] - Paean deck. 37in longboard deck with bright blue grip tape. All hardware included for mounting trucks and enclosures. Has a handle for carrying the board.

I also have some connectors that I made which can be thrown in if anyone wants them. I’ve done lots of xt60s for drones so the connections on these should be fine.

  • (SOLD) 2x - XT60 2in extension
  • (SOLD) 1x - XT60 + XT90 antispark loop setup
  • (SOLD) 1x - 4in CAN connector
  • 1x - 4in split PPM connector
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Dibs for the VX1

Will be leaving next week so if you want any of the remaining items, let me know ASAP.

If you buy multiple items, I will cut you a deal.