USA! 18650 GROUP BUY ( LG HG2 )$4 a cell

As you all know I order 18650 in bulk like 1000,pcs bulk. I came across a friendly connection while at a trade fair this Friday. Long story short I was able to get 1k cells at $4 a pop. Since I’d only be using half of them I’d like to go see if anyone wanted to purchase some with me as a group buy! I’d like to pass on the savings since lion Wholesale can’t even touch this price lol. All the cells have been confirmed to be 20a 3000mah Legit LG cells. Even called a LG Rep to confirm the box.

Spot Welding

I offer spot welding for a extra charge for anyone who wants to order 18650 Batteries. Turn around time 3-5 Days. (Sooner than later). Pricing for spot welded packs as follows.

10s3p $50 10s4p $60 12s3p $65 12s4p $70

BMS can be worked in but PM as discharge rates and charge only Bms can affect price to much


All packages would be shipped USPS Flat rate, Over Sea’s Customers I don’t think unless you order more then 50 it’s going to cost as much in shipping then you would be saving. Anyways shipping is flat on each order, $7


I dont want to be rude or hijack your thread or anything but this site has them at 4 USD per cell… They are genuine I have my samsung 30Q and i even asked samsung if they are a legit distributor, which they confirmed. :slight_smile: maybe ask them for a group buy discount and it can be even cheaper. They also ship to USA. :slight_smile:

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That’s in the UK brother! Glad to see them that cheap! Unfrontunate here in the US I don’t know of any sources being less then $4 a pop. Maybe I can get them lower. Hmm

I thought that they are based in netherlands… :smiley:

Are these still available?

Of course! @chsknight

still availabe?

Also interested, near toronto

@Alextech until outstanding debts to other forum members are resolved we will not allow you to initiate new sales through the forum.

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