USA - 97mm ABECs 75a on sale $95

Just FYI for fellow Americans. Boards on Nord and Muirskate has 97mm 75a duro ABEC flywheels in stock and on sale!


do regular pulleys for 83mm wheels fit on these?

They should. Which pulleys you talking about? If they’re Enertion, Evolves, or DIYES, then yes.

yea thats what i was talking about. Thanks.

Thx @Jinra. Good catch!

@Gswat did u see this? Not sure if this is the size you need tho.

Chaka also started offering these on for 98$ and $82 for 90mm if you want to get these from a DIYr for a similar cost.

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Whats so great about the 97 vs 83?

takes rough roads and debris much better and regular roads feel smoother. Also you go faster!