[USA] BesTech 10s 80A

Hey guys! Like the title says, I’m looking for a BesTech 10s 80A here in America, (East Coast). If nobody has it on hand I’m willing to do a group order of no more than 4 people, if that does not violate the rules. Please let me know! Thanks guys

Ive got one but Im not sure if I can get rid of it yet, if you can wait a week or so you can have it at cost if I dont use it.

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Sure thing! Thanks man, just let me know! I’m not in a rush at all.

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i just took one out of an older build, it’s used but working fine, not sure if you’re up for a used one…?

this is their site they directed me to for small orders… doesnt seem like you need to do group buys anymore to get just a single…



Hey mmaner! Any update on that BMS?

Yeah, I’m gonna need it. My bludgeon BMS is cutting out so I need to replace it. Sorry.

I have 2 in stock

I have one if you want, located near NYC

Check bkb . He has in stock