[USA-CA] [H] PayPal [W] 2 VESC (FOCBOX or ESCAPES) and 2 Kegel Pulley (like the Boosted Board one)

looking to buy 2 VESC either FOCBOXes or ESCAPES

also looking for 2 Flywheel Kegel Pulley that is like the Boosted Board one where it doesn’t require any screws thanks

located in Los Angeles, CA

How many teeth you looking for? And what width?

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honestly I need to read up on what each T means and probably looking at 12 or 15mm

Hey Chris,

I have two Enertion 12mm flywheel pulleys. These snap in and do not require screws, but they do require a short or shortened truck hanger. I’m also in LA

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awesome I’ll give you a pm

@chris.hunt FYI @thisguyhere in LA should have some of those Enertion pulleys pick up is free…let me know if you go that route. Pick up two for me. They are 36 teeth

As for reading up on gear reduction on T# just go to the Esk8 calculator and play with the number and you’ll see the difference


ill shoot him a pm thanks mike

bump I made a mistake I am looking for Kegel Pulley’s

@torqueboards has a kegel pulley set

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