[USA-CA-SFBAY] Trampa AT kit wanted

My Kaly Trampa just got back from her check-up and needed two things: Loc-Tite and new thane.

I bought 107s from @treenutter and they arrive tomorrow, however, I think it is time to finally cave in and try pneumatics.

Six Shooters will not fit this little beast; looking for 4 Trampa wheels, Superstar or Hypa, any color is fine, with Urban Treadz (or equivalent), with pulleys and timing belts.

I think the Evolve AT kit will fit - @kaly any guidance most appreciated bro.


I might have what you’re looking for. Dm for more info.
I’m in San Jose btw

The evolve wheels will fit But not the plastic hubs You will need the Trampa superstar hubs

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