Usa/canada (ontario) best place to buy belts that can have them delivered by friday

Title says it all I need a new belt

try @longhairedboy he might be able to hook you up. always buy 2

@delta_19 If i got them in the mail tonight and send it 2 day priority you’d probably have them Saturday.

i already ordered alien, hope they mail them soon…

well shit alien took their time.

so im going to put a list together of all the places i know of anyone want to add great it would be great to know where you can get belts. shipping times unless you can cough up $50+)

any others? 35 no matter how many you buy

I use a 55T 9mm belt (17T motor pulley), so I can’t order from the actual e-skate shops. I guess SPD-SI and V Belt are my only options, unless anyone has found an actual Canadian supplier?