[USA] Everything You Need to Build a Board Besides a Deck / Evolve 107mm Wheels

Hello, I’m looking to sell the following:

SOLD: Bundle: Caliber 2 truck with a 5055 motor welded on, single motor ESC, Rough Stuff 110mm Wheels, Front Generic Truck, Meepo 10s2p battery (no charger). The battery is BRAND NEW! Everything else has been used before.

I’ll sell this bundle for SOLD.

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I’m also selling used Evolve F1 Abec 11 107mm with 33t wheel pulley + 14t motor pulley. I rubbed off the Evolve logo and I used a black sharpie to try to color in the market. There are some small chunks but it’s pretty much unnoticeable when you ride. The 33t wheel pulley was drilled to fit the wheels. The last picture shows how the wheels look with my board (board not for sale). Looking for $60 shipped OBO.

38738049_513406545738920_4102783104530251776_o%20(1) 38543732_513406572405584_1081357037239009280_o%20(1) 38693280_513406612405580_6245566795588042752_o%20(1) 38647510_513406655738909_4889407094937092096_o%20(1) 38652730_513409249071983_856141519311077376_n

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Please add location to the title or we won’t know if you’re located in Suriname, Greenland or Nepal.


beat me to it


Fixed, my apologies.

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Id offer you $100

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Thank you very much for the offer, but I’ll have to pass

Interested in the bundle.

Basically a bolt on kit at this point?

Would you be interested in 400$ to 500$

Also how does it ride and its handling

are you able to ship it?

Yes, it’s a bolt on kit minus a battery charger

Sorry man, I’d prefer to sell it to someone who’s reputable

If you’re around the Bay Area I’m interested if there are no issues

Still have the 107s?

Not located in the bay, but I might visit soon.

Yes, it’s still available

So basically bolt this onto a deck and connect the wires?

Yes, and get a charger for the battery

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I already have a Meepo so I’m good there lol

whats the kv on the 5055?