[USA] FOCBOX Unity GroupBuy - Gauging Interest

@Sender @Battosaii you could always sell me two at a good price and get on the list for unity :wink:

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Mine are all accounted for I have 4 unused right now going into a 4wd build.

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Welp, Available for pre-order.

Looks to be “$209.21” with the Group buy.

@JLabs you ganna take over this one?

Edit: Looks Like we have 4 days


Am i understanding this correctly? This unity has a built in bms and Vedder switch? AND Bluetooth connection?!

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Not quite a bms, the unity can completely shut itself down in a major under voltage situation (configurable)

The switch is a high side momentary, not like the Vedder switch design (low side latch)

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Shipping $36.92 Australia Only GST TAX $28.67

Edit: Seems to take off once you reach the next section in payout, were good

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Ok so still need a bms. Ok. The switch is different, but still acts as an antispark?

yes the switch acts as an anti-spark also.

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Welp, i hate how obsessed i am over skate brains. But i absolutely HAVE to have one if these. FOR SCIENCE! w5FTwwiweGqDm


so…there’s about 50 units across 36 people wanting to get in on this.

@JLabs, how you feeling about running it?

i can do it if you’re not feeling up to it.

also, i’ve got a discount code that’ll basically wipe out the shipping. all said, should be about $220 shipped for one.


I can definitely run it, would save you some time as I have a fulfillment team and website ready to go.

What’s been up with the shipping? Is it fixed? I havnt had time to read as I’m busy


Lol I was lowkey Ganna say put them in the cart and leave them for that discount code.

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not fixed, not sure it’s broken in the first place, seems they’re set on that shipping rate.


Wow… you could almost get a flight to go pick them up yourself. Lol

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The support I have spoke with has no idea what is happening and told me they are waiting on an update from “the team”. Also said shipping isn’t final and could change. So I am waiting to hear back.
But then they same person has also told others that shipping is correct so I don’t know…

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Where are these being made and shipped from?



I feel like if we are buying 21+ of these Enertion could swing the free shipping our way because how often are they going to be selling that many at one time. So price would be $200 for the group buy which is what I spent on my 2 focboxes on Black Friday. I would be in.

on his youtube live stream. he said shipping will not budge unless you order larger quantity like 50-100+. Also it’s express shipping so it’s suppose to ship and arrive within a few days according to him.