🇺🇸 USA GROUP BUY - ENERTION NANO - X Remote $55 shipped 🇺🇸 and Canada (See below) too 🇨🇦 🤘🏻ORDERED🤘🏻

Who’s wondering abt this Nano-X Remote?

Looking to organize a NANO-X ONLY group buy.

The price will be between $55-$57 per set shipped in the USA. Price is based on the AUD $63.50 price, exchange rate used by PayPal and cost of mailer and mail. **Canada will be more $$

I’ll amend the cost in this thread.

There wil be a cut off date and time since the sale price will end once Enertion gets stock. That will be announced on this thread.

The group buy will save you the cost of shipping if your total does not reach AUD $300.

Payment by PayPal. Please pay as friends and family so that I don’t incur a fee. If you pay me the other way you need to compensate me for the fee.

Not sure when they will be shipped out…guessing in October … just guessing

If your down…chime in on the thread…I post details when it’s time to fork over the money.

Enertion Nano-X

Transmitter & Receiver supplied

the smallest & lightest controller currently available on the market.

When you are travelling at a speed exceeding 40km/h you want a tried & tested, quality wireless transmitter in your hand.

  • 2.4Ghz Band Width

  • Tiny form factor, easily fits in any pocket.

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

  • USB Cable Supplied

  • Wrist Strap (not shown)

  • Charge Indicator LEDs

  • Plug & Play Simplicity


Do they have a good track record?

Zero track record

put me in for ONE.

I added it on Enertion and four 12mm belts to the cart, saw the shipping from Australia at checkout and just closed the browser LOL.

Zero track record suck. I hope Jason’s people know what they are doing with their new PCB because it would suck having another LOSING remote


He has definitely updated the PCB from the Winning one. He has tested them too…

If @onloop is able to send me one to beta test…

I would be happy to set up a way to have various trusted people beta test it by mailing it to each other after a two day test . A review should be given either written or video.

Just an idea


i will definitely take one

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What was the shipping price? Whenever I ship from Australia to US and it’s under 500 grams (which I’m sure it is) is only $16 AUD which puts it at around 12 or so USD.

I forget. it was either $17 or 21 USD. either way I didn’t need it bad enough at the moment

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I will sign up for one as well.

I should mention I am located in Vancouver Canada.

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I will probably sign up for one too unless the two gt2b’s I ordered come off back order first. I paid one month ago today. It’s crazy that I live in Canada and they are in stock in the USA East warehouse yet I need to order from Hong Kong. SMH

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Yeah just waiting from word from @onloop abt the beta testing …

I’ll be doing a video for you guys as soon as I get it so you all can see how it works

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Put me down for one. Gotta start collecting parts sometime. Might as well be with a remote!

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Sign me up - Toronto Canada

I’ll be posting up here soon with more info

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+1 (or maybe 2) Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Put me down for one please! Thank You!

Any update on this group buy?

Initial reviews seem positive.

I’d love to get one for under $60

Let me find out how these are packaged.

Not sure if they will have their own box or they need to be re packed.

This will help be determin if there is added cost for mailing and packaging if need be

Canada postage is obviously more. So keep that in mind my northern brothers and sisters.

Keep you posted