[USA-NY] Anyone able to make me a ppm splitter?

Basically my title, I’ve got the newest version of the focbox, and the ppm cable from my receiver is male :slight_smile:

Like so:WeChat_Image_20180219173400_large

Do you mean a splitter with 3 female ports?

1524527973 LARGE

I tend to get confused with the male and female names… Sorry.

I need 2x connectors that would fit into the focbox ppm plug, and 1x connector that would fit the left board in the second picture.

J labs makes one similar that I need :slight_smile: WeChat_Image_20180219173400_large

Unfortunately he’s out of stock :frowning:



no I get it, the XT connectors confuses me, the plastics is technically a reverse “gender” of the metal parts.


I made one last week it’s not that hard I swear. You could be up and rolling in 30min. I don’t know if this will help but I kinda bunched em like this Screenshot_20181024-104625

If you got no cables though then that’s a bummer :hushed:

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yeah no cables :frowning:

cant even borrow my friends soldering iron as hes out of town

thank you very much @mmaner :slight_smile:

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my next question is, if I were to buy the second option that @mmaner posted…

I would just have to cut one of the 5v wires on one of the split wires?

I’d PM and ask @JLabs, he might have one laying around. Or PM @Kaly, he’s in new your and might be able to make you one.


already tried jlabs :slight_smile: Kaly seems like a good choice too :slight_smile:

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You got an rc hobby store near you? They will all keep those.


unfortunately theres nothing like that were im at :frowning:

Really? No drone stores? Then you can get one from hobbyking. Cheap fast delivery. When you get it the 5v wire needs to snipped on one leg to stop the receiver getting too much voltage. In fact you can just leave the signal wire but I just run it with the 5v isolated and no drama.

I’m pretty sure I have an extra o ordered from jlabs I’m not going to use. I don’t have time to go through my stuff today but I want to reorganize my corner of Parts tomorrow.

Think you could look for me when you do? :smiley:

Ill pm ya