[USA] Selling: VESC 4.12 (Ollin)

Hello everyone! I am selling my stuff since I am not riding it anymore (rains/snows all the time and I am finishing college).

(USA Only) (Video bottom of this post)

  1. VESC 4.12 from Ollin Board Purchased: $170 Selling: $130 + free shipping Details:

Motor Wires: 4mm Bullet Battery Wires: 5.5mm Bullet + with Anti-Spark Kept safe & clean (besides the wires) the entire time I have been riding. Since it costed $170!! Selling it for so cheap compared to other people here since I’ve used this a lot (0.5 mile trips from car to class and back for 1 college semester, so say 30 days, 0.5 mile a day)



interested in byuing winning remote

Still have a nice Ollin Vesc for sale for $130!

2 things how much warranty remains on the vesc? Also are you selling your motor mount?

OllinBoard provides 2 year warranty and I bought this June 23rd 2016. So about 15 months left.

I am not selling this Motor mount for 2 reasons.

  1. The Motor mount had a crack in it but I fixed it with epoxy, but still I would not risk riding with it.

  2. The clamp/motor mount is heavily epoxied and removing it would just damage the mount more. When I was assembling it I had to make sure the mount would not move.

I am selling the Drive Wheel Pulley/Motor Pulley from diyelectricskateboard for $30 [Free shipping (USA only)]. It is 36T/16T.

Hi do you still have an Olin vesc for sale?

Yes still for sale at $130

Hi Paul I would like to buy it

Bump. Still selling the VESC for $130

Still selling ? Sell me both Drive Wheel Pulley and vesc

Still selling VESC. No new users (sorry). Only ones that have been posting/reading/regular.

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I’m interested. Mind sending me a pic of the whole thing including connectors?

Still available?

Here are the photos!

Yes still available!

I’m out. Shipping + Parts + Labor makes it a bit too high for me. I would have to change out all the connections.

Yea I agree, it’s a bit high for me. I’m in Canada so idk if you’d even ship for free.

The pricing is VESC ($120) + Shipping ($10) = $130.

Canada is a lot for shipping so yea can’t ship there for free.

If anyone else is interested then give me an offer and we can negotiate. I don’t want this laying around when I know someone can be wanting/using it!

How many VESC do you have? I need 3

Only 1 …