[USA] Turnigy SK3 6374 192KV [SOLD]

Well used Turnigy motor. Has a lot of scratches and dings but functions well. Would be perfect for a budget build. Ground some flat spots in the shaft for the set screws to bind on. Bearings still smooth. $20 + shipping. Located in Colorado.


IMG_0343 IMG_0342

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What part of Co? I’m in Aurora.

I’ll pass on the motor as I have enough already lol

Nice! I’m in the Washington Park area.

Shibby! I’m actually moving to downtown area in a week or two. What’s its like up there ride-ability wise?

Most of the bike paths/lanes are fairly good to shred on. Wash Park is always a good cruise. Some stuff definitely has me wishing I had 100mm wheels though.

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Ive gone to Denver with a pusher one time and didnt really sk8 that much due to enjoying Colfax… Lol. We should definitely get together. Go ride or just burn slow and shoot the shit about the builds lol.

If you’ve still got this motor come Thursday, I’ll take it. I can never have enough parts lol.

Would love to skate but I have classes on weekdays. Let me know if you’re free on a weekend! :ok_hand:

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Is it super dirty, or is that all the scratches?

It’s just very scratched. Still works perfectly though.

PM’d 10Character


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