Used Carvon V2.5 Single Hubs For Sale ! SOLD!

Hey All, I am parting with my tried and true Carvon V2.5 single hubs as I don’t really need additional builds at the moment and am more than satisfied with my Dual V3. What you see in the pics is what you get and they do not come with any front trucks. They have the black anodized sleeves, trucks and carbon fiber hub caps. They have typical cosmetic wear and tear but otherwise in good working condition. Do a search on these forums for all my video and review posts if you want to know how much I love these things. Selling for $150 a piece or $250 for the pair (not including shipping). US shipping only. Send me a PM if you’re interested.


These are gonna get snapped up really quick :runner:

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I’ll take them, PM sent

this is gonna get intresting haha

And BAM, there they go!

Oh man. That was fast. Lol. I wanted one of em.

RPB - when are the kickstarter V3’s being shipped ??

Update: Sold


I swear…these hubs are gonna be collector pieces … I’m gonna keep mine just in case the smithsonian calls me lol

I’m from the smithsonian and here to collect yours @Michaelinvegas.