Used complete board for sale Enertion parts | focbox | space cell 3 battery | 6355 motor

Hello, I have a complete board with mostly Enertion parts. I haven’t decided on a price. I can probably part it out (maybe). So just send me your best offers. Thanks!

I’ve had this board (or parts of it) around late 2016. Finished the build early 2017 and only used it on weekends during summer. So it’s not a commuter board.

Here’s a list of all the parts:

  • Enertion Space Cell Pro 3 battery 10s3p + tough case, bms, 40amp fuse
  • Enertion FOCBOX vesc
  • Enertion R-SPEC motor (6355 motor?)
  • Enertion motor mount, pulleys
  • Enertion truck
  • Globe The Maiden deck
  • Avenue Trucks longboard suspension truck (front only)
  • Winning remote
  • blank 83mm wheels, Bones bearings
  • skid plate, kick tail attachment

IMG_20190213_190140058 IMG_20190213_190317501 IMG_20190213_190337503 IMG_20190213_190430777_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20190213_190452093_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20190213_190510730_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20190213_190607979_BURST001 IMG_20190213_190651143_BURST000_COVER_TOP IMG_20190213_190803674_BURST000_COVER_TOP

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I’d be interested in the battery and enclosure if your going to part it out

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What is that thing on top of the tail called? I know the thing under the tail is called a tailbone.

It’s a little kicktail add-on. Forgot the brand name.

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Venom makes them i think. Believe i saw some on @b264

Oh you’re right, it’s called a Venom Torque block

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How much for the motor/mount/drive pulley/belt?

How much for the used Focbox?