Used Electric Skateboard for sale

Hello everyone. I thought I wanted to sell one of my own DIY builds. This board is controlled by one Maytech VESC and I have never had issues with it. 13s2p LG HG2 48v 6ah 40amps const with 13s BMS. PPM gun control. 6374 Maytech dustproof motor. Maytech clamp truck and custom idler motor mount. 20/60 3M pulley. Regular downhill deck. Custom stainless steel enclosing. 90mm wheels.

This will come with the board itself, a 2-amp charger, and a gun controller.

VESC is set to sensored BLDC. Great startup. Left wheel drive. The deck is vandalized with a pepe but you can just peel off the clear duck tape and stick one of your own. Max speed is 27mph.

I’ve pulled 150+ miles on this thing and it was a lot of fun. But I never saw any practical use out of it. Hope this board can find an owner who cranks use out of it.

Price for everything - $550 or you can just buy parts of it, PM me for details. Thanks for reading.


I am selling from Belmont, Ca, US.

Can you trade

Trade for what?

New HD camcorder with tripod

Esk8 parts plz

We could trade boards

Specs please.

The specs of a meepo board but on a pintail board with front lights and replaceable hub motor tires