Used electric skateboard parts

.Hi all as most of you remember my skateboard catch fire and I was thinking of fixing but can’t bother,so I am selling every *VESC *5x58V 40amps fuse *9mm charger plug for electric scooter:new *on and off retainer switch *10S BMS new

  • 10S battery charger new *Torque board truck *2xBRH 5065-140KV *4 x belt 2 new and 2 used *Needed antispark switch,transmitter receiver and 10S Lipo. Make me a offer, I am living in Germany if the price is not right I will just fix it and try and sell it complete.

image image image image image image image image image image image image you all know the cost of all these parts please don’t insult me.

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whats wrong with your old thread?

Interested in the trucks only and bms and charger, check pm

Sending you a PM for one or two vesc

No idea 10char

Sending you a PM for one motor

interested in bms, maybe more. dm please, idk how

What is still available?

Every thing apart from motor mount

Hi still there

Still available

Could you let me the specifications about this motor and the price to sell?

60€ both

image image

What pricw for both vescs?

Make me offer please I pay about 200 for both new

Still more Stuff for sale the motor mount is gone

@Redfire1 hallo ! bin aus Österreich. Ist alles noch funktionstüchtig nach dem Feuer ?. Wenn ja denke ich darüber nach die gesamte Elektronik zu kaufen. Also Vescs (welche sind das genau), Switch, Motoren … Kabel

Vesc from my tech the motor mount is sold

Stuff still available

where are you located? edit: i reread and said you lived in germany