Used Evolve Bamboo GT motors for sale(US)*prices reduced!**

I am parting out my Evolve bamboo gt that i purchased last july. Parts have about ~100 miles on them. Prices do not include shipping

*Evolve GT Motors with pulley $120pair *Evolve GT motor mount sold *Evolve Remote (usb port broken) sold *Evolve Bamboo GT deck with enclosuresold *Evolve GT battery sold *Evolve GT esc sold

I also have a pair of 15mm 36T abec wheel pulleys from johnny261 that are slightly used for $30, a single TB 12mm 36T abec wheel pulley for $15(almost new), and a pair of metroboard 36T abec pulleys with ~20miles for sold


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Would you be able to reserve the battery for me until the end of the day? Im unsure if I can buy it now but im looking for a battery almost exactly like this one.

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@anon64938381, thatd be no problem as long as you are in the U.S. :grin:

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I am interested in the battery and am able to purchase in the US. Is it & the remote available?

The remote is not available

What are those metal wheel pullies?

Umm, they are all metal…

Where are you located? Interested in the deck + enclosure combo

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@chris.hunt, im in Seattle, Wa

Sorry I mean the silver ones haha, what teeth are they and do they fit on the supercarve truck?


I’ll take the metroboard pulleys

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@ARetardedPillow, they are metroboard pullies and do not fit supercarve trucks. @scepterr, consider them yours :ok_hand:

@Deckoz fit them on 10mm axles

I had to drill them so the spacer would fit

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Cut prices of motors!!! Willing to trade for any of the wheel pulleys. Happy everything else has sold :grin:

I sure could use a wheel pulley

Lets trade, what do you got @biggdaddyhawk?

Not much still in buying mode

Which pulley/pulleys are you interested? I have two 15mm abec pulleys and one 12mm abec pulley