Used/New Gear prices lowered

2caliber II good condition, 2 clamp mounts with new hardware, and one meb-carbon S…items are used and working order… all of it for $200 shipping not included located cali…i will even throw in a 36t metal pulley with hardware from tito… kinda wanna sell it all together if possible. dm with questions please.


I’m interested in the motor mount. How much? Where in California?

i want the mounts too

havent heard from other buyer putting this back up :smile: free ship US if buying it all

it’s just the deck, right?

deck,2mounts,2trucks + free 36t pulley. and free ship US

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does the deck have an enclosure built into it?

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Correct with housing lid accommodates 12s2p

price update 190$ for board+trucks+mounts

Caliber trucks have been donated. still available are the two shogu mounts, 1 Miami board and 2 new (Mark mounts 100$ for both together not individual. Ship not inclusive.)


What is the width of the clamp? It’s completely unrelated and I am not interested in buying

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9mm 10char


Ok thank you

$100 bucks for the deck and 2 sets of motor mounts?

That’s a cool deck.

Sorry I meant one hundo for just the two Mark mounts I use parentheses but I guess I should have used hard brackets. Cash is going straight to Mike

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How much for just the deck?

90 broki.


Here’s the inside no that’s not a boner it’s my leg


Got motor rub but epoxy and a good buffer and it should tight


If only the enclosure was a uniform shape


it was my first board, first love… @oriol360 made it <3


is that $90 including shipping or without shipping?