USED OR BROKEN 6374 maytech motor UK


I smashed the motor casing on a large rock (that came out of nowhere i might add :zipper_mouth_face: ) and this smashed one of the magnets inside which i have now removed, Now the motor does not work right. I need to find a replacement bell housing cover.

Any 6374 maytech motor of the design above will do. So any broken 6374 that has housing in tact and without damage will work.

Needed ASAP.

After starting a few thread, looking into option, trying to source a replacement bell housingā€¦ emailing maytech direct see if they can help or supply a new cover. checked unikboards, etox, see if anybody else ahs a 150kv maytech motorā€¦

I was also chatting in a couple of esk8 chats praying to find a spare bell housing to replace the one i smashedā€¦

Then i messages Mackann at Bioboards as i checked their site and they are out of stock to see when they may be back in stock or if they had any replacement partsā€¦

TO MY COMPLETE SHOCK::::::: Mackann replied and is sending me a replacement motor to fix the one that i (stupidly) crashed into a rock.

Im utterly surprised, shocked and completely overwhelmed with this act of generosity and customer service.

biobaords review

Service 10/10****strong text

Price 10/10

Support 10/10

Supporting the esk8 community 11/10

i cant express enough gratitude to this one company after so many let downs by so many different people over the past 4months of building a DIY board this 1 company has put them all to shame in every area of business and service.

Bioboards, thank you for your assistance.

If you havenā€™t ordered from bioboards i really recommend considering them for your next order. They are different to most esk8 companies here!

after many days of wet weather i finaly got the motors on the board and a gap in the weather to rideā€¦