Using 12s BMS as 8s BMS

I’ve got a Supower 12s BMS, but my escs don’t behave well on 12s, so i’m running 8s now. Is it possible to use just 8 balancing lines instead of all 12? It seems like the design is repetitive, and the 12s board i’m using has 13 lines, only the 13th is not connected.

//Of course with a corresponding 33.6v charger.

Don’t. The balancing part of the board may look and be repetitive but there is more than balancing in a bms. And if you wire the positive or negative leads of the battery or the charger you will either put the bms into some kind of protection state (under voltage I assume) or more probably fry or smoke something

There are however some bms designed for a range of cell counts but

  1. It is advertised as a big aspect of said bms.
  2. You have to configure and program said bms
  3. The one you show Isnt the case because 1

Thanks, Hmm, i think ordering a 8s one would be easier for me than reverse engineering the board :slight_smile:

You could replace your esc with a Vesc. Problem solved

RC Car ESC’s are designed for RC cars. Vescs are designed for E-skates

Nah, my 2 vescs went up in flames first time i tried 12s, without any load, while i was standing in place. Didn’t like them before that either, too weak for offroad, never know when they throw a fault or overcurrent. I’ll get a vesc when it can handle at least 100 amps and doesn’t use that cursed DRV8302. FVT 120a, POWAAAH!