Using 2 or 3 smaller magnets instead of one big one in our motors

So I watched this video about Tesla and in one part they talk about the Teslas motor and the “heldback effect” that i cant not find much info about (internet super slow today so that is not so motivating :D)

Maybe using 2-3 magnets instead of one big one could give us a little bit more “oomph” as the guy in the video says it, it would be really nice to hear some opinions on this from some guys with more knowledge than me on this Or maybe this wouldn’t have a noticeable difference since we are using this in a low power application compared with cars

I know that @hummie is working on motors, maybe someone else as well

If you search for Halbach array on here there’s a link to a 3d printed design you can make yourself.

if U had the time and motivation (surprised never seen it) you could strip our outrunner magnets (maybe) and get some really small strong standard dimension magnets and make them in a hallbach array probably greatly increasing the magnetic field and making a better motor. Also with the magnets in parts it reduces the eddy currents that get bad at high speed…and hysteresis in the iron behind the magnets.

the link wont work. blocked.


I was actually talking to hummie about it the other day. It would be interesting to add magnets between 9mm magnets to see how it turns out. 100% doable with the right size magnets.

just add magnets between the magnets already there be easier yes Wonder how much improvement would happen. Most outrunners I’ve seen had like 70% magnet fill leaving a lot of room. Done well the array will hold a lot more field than even really thick steel (as it is the flux ring is very thin) You could replace your bell with a custom made one with carbon fiber and an ideal hallbach. I’ve seen diagrams of different orientation and sizes mixed and best was uniform

The hallbach array is hands down the best way to use magnets in a motor and I think the only reason it’s not done is the work to make it. Even with a very thick flux ring behind the magnets on, which is very rare, the field goes into the flux ring and creates a lot of losses both eddy currents and hysteresis. And that’s if you have a flux ring thick enough not to just lose the flux out the back. W the array all field can be held if done right and none of those losses, other than the eddy currents in the magnets themselves and those are reduced as well with the segmentation. I want to do but want to find a good layout

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